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These days, a lot of people believe if they have a $4,000 camera and Photoshop that they have somehow ascended to the ranks of being a “Photographer”.

That is NEVER the case.

Fancy equipment and program does not make you a “photographer”. There is more more depth to it than that. You can have all the money in the world to buy all the lights, rigs, and lenses you need but if you do not know how to use them—-it means nothing.

What makes a photographer?

"Hey, you just took a black and white photo of a park bench—-you’re an awesome photographer" NO!

What defines a photographer is natural talent, an artistic flare. The ability to see the world from many perspectives and capture the moment. Capturing these moments in ways normal folk could never achieve. A photographer is an ARTIST. A photographer is creative, goes beyond the "take a picture of a park bench" spectrum. He (or she) pushes their limits, becoming intuitive. Discovering new techniques, styles, and ways of shooting. A photographer’s photographs are works of art, they tell a story.

Jared Fullerton IS a photographer. This young man has a gift, raw talent. If you are looking to be immortalized with quality then look no further! He is the photographer for you and if you do not believe me, please have a gander at his Flickr Gallery:

I am available as a photographer for anything varying from portraits, editorial work, weddings, events, and even product photography.

I specialize in any work regarding people.I have reasonable rates. I guarantee your satisfaction after working with me. If you are interested call or text my personal phone for further discussion and bookings. Feel free to share my work with your friends, family or anyone who may have interest.

I can be reached anytime at 718-450-0134. For viewing of all of my work please visit my website at: Thank you for your time. Wish you a wonderful day.
- Jared

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